The Amma Project

The Project

Amma Women Foundation is an organization that invests in the social, economic and environmental development of the region’s Buddhist heritage of Nepal.
It has the support of the World Bank and the Australian government. its main objective is to create strategies and conditions so that nepalese women in rural areas can live with dignity from their work. Amma Café is just one of the Amma Women Foundation initiatives.

The Building

Set at the core of the Lumbini Sacred Garden, just about 560 meters from the Mayadevi temple and in front of the World Peace Flame, Amma Café is surrounded not only by history, but also by trees and water bodies, as in the time of the Buddha. The building that houses the Amma Café was designed in
1972 by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.

Amma Café Core Values

  • To be a role model social enterprise that inspires vulnerable women in the Greater Lumbini Area to pursue their aspirations.
  • To respect the sacredness of the land where it is located by serving only fresh and locally sourced produce in a clean and calm atmosphere.
  • To equally share profits among all baristas for the prosperity of the women, girls, and communities in the Greater Lumbini Area.